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11 But careful," Professor Ball warned. " Only men of good
name. No blackguards and riffraff, only worthy and respect-
able men with a good name in their community. That's the
kind of men we've got joined up over in Hunter County."

"That's right/' Doctor MacDonald said. "Only men of
good name. And what we want you to do, Mr. Munn, is to
give us a few names. And to speak to a few men yourself—
sort of sound them out, you know. You might get a few to
come in when you do, and take the oath at the same time."

" The oath?" Mr. Munn asked,  " You take an oath?"

Professor Ball nodded gravely. "It would stick in the
throat of no honourable man," he said. And he added, " A
sacred oath."

"We just want you to use your influence a little, now,"
Doctor MacDonald said. " And give us a list to be working

"I'll give you a list," Mr. Munn promised, "but I won't
speak to anybody until after I've joined myself. Until after,
I don't know why, but that's just the way I feel about it."

"That's what you might call a pretty scruple," Professor
Ball said, nodding. " I always respect a man's scruples, what-
soe'er they be, when he names them and abides by them."

" But I'll give you some names. If you'll let me have some-
thing to write with, Mr. Bill,"

Mr. Christian got a piece of paper, a bottle of ink, and a
pen out of the tall, scroll-worked rosewood secretary in the
corner, the door of which creaked when he opened it He
uncorked the bottle with fingers that seemed too thick and
impatient for the task, and set it down near Mr. Munn's
elbow, under the yellow rays of the lamp. The marble of the
table-top had faint, yellowish graining, and stains as of a
delicate golden rust, which the light emphasized. As Mr.
Munn picked up the pen, he noticed the f$ct, and idly re-
collected how, when he first entered the house, the light in
the hall had given the flesh of Lucille Christian's face a
golden tinge. Like the light on this marble now.

The ink bottle was almost dry, and was crusted about the